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How do I know if a dietitian is the right person to help me?

I ask that before you book a consultation you send me a brief description of your dietary related issue and what you would ideally like to get out of the session to ensure that I am the right nutrition professional for you.  You can do that by clicking 


Packages can be offered post needs assessment

1. Dietetic Assessment Consultation (90min): £100

2. Follow up Education and Review Sessions (60min): £75

The Consultation

I pride myself in taking a compassionate, non-judgemnetal, holistic approach during my consultations.  My aim is to educate and support the client to achieve their optimum state of health through diet and nutrition. 


During the session I will conduct a detailed nutritional assessment.  This will include taking your anthropometric measurements if relevant, discussing your clinical signs and symptoms, reviewing your health, medical, and social history, and conducting a detailed dietary assessment.  I will provide you with dietary advice, information, and reading material relevant to your nutritional issue.  We will then work together to formulate a realistic and achievable plan that will set you in the direction of achieving your pre-determined goals and optimise your nutritional status and overall well-being.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Coeliac disease

Food allergy

Food intolerance

Inflammatory Bowel Disease



Chronic diarrhoea

Iron deficiency anaemia

Hormone Imbalance

Weight Management

Nutritional support

Cardioprotective diet

Optimum nutrition



Polycystic ovary syndrome

Vegetarian and vegan diet




Working with Lois to make tailored adjustments to my diet was exactly what my life needed. After a very thorough initial assessment, Lois was able to identify a few minor changes that made a huge difference to both my physical and mental health. Even as somebody who always ate ‘well’ I was beyond impressed with Lois’ knowledge of how certain foods affect the systems within the body. Within just a week of following her guidelines, a two year brain fog lifted and I felt alive again!

Nate Thomas, Herts
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