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The Weight Management Programme

Weight management is complex and completely unique to the individual.  My experience has taught me that one size does not fit all, and I am always extremely mindful of this when assessing and advising clients that are aiming to lose weight.  Our habits and behaviours have a huge influence on our weight, in addition to our food intake therefore we will recognise and explore these during the programme.  I use a variety of evidence-based principles for sustainable fat loss and tailor these to the individual I am treating.  I do not believe in calorie controlled and fad diets and instead focus my approach on eating behaviours, macronutrient composition of the diet, consuming real food, and nourishing the body.

Is this programme for you?

The weight management programme is ideal for those that:

  • Wish to lose weight healthily

  • Would like to understand metabolism and the principles of sustainable weight loss

  • Have struggled to lose weight in the past

  • Have tried various ‘diets’ and have either not lost weight or have found it difficult to maintain weight loss

How will the programme help you?
  • This 12-week programme will provide you with knowledge on the foundations of nutrition and explain how your body metabolises nutrients so you can understand and implement the principles of sustainable fat loss.

  • I will help you to identify your habits, cues, and behaviours towards food and learn how to positively adapt these to achieve your goals.

  • I will give you practical and realistic guidance on how to use nutrition and lifestyle to not only manage your weight but to feel better in all aspects of health.

  • I will provide you with an individual food programme tailored to you.

What does the programme consist of?
  • An initial 90-minute consultation where we assess your health, nutrition, and lifestyle in depth

  • Recommendations, access, and interpretation of clinical tests if required*

  • A 60-minute education and guidance session part 1

  • A 60-minute education and guidance session part 2

  • A detailed customised protocol specific to your individual needs and goals which will include meal plans and recipes

  • 2 x 30-minute telephone consultations to discuss progress, answer questions, make adaptations as necessary

  • Personalised written guidance to support you at home

  • Resources to inspire, motivate and assist you emailed regularly

  • Access via email for extra support in between appointments

  • A 60-minute progress assessment

*Please note, private laboratory testing is not included in the package cost



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