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The Optimum Nutrition Programme

Optimum nutrition means giving your body and brain the best possible intake of nutrients to allow it to be as healthy as it possibly can.  This means optimal physical and mental performance, absence of disease, and a long and healthy lifespan.

Is this programme for you?
  • You wish to develop your knowledge on the foundations of optimum nutrition and understand what constitutes a healthy balanced diet.

  • You would like to ensure that you are getting the right nutrients from your diet and are not at risk of deficiency.

  • You wish to reduce the risk of ill health and promote energy, vitality, and longevity.

  • You would like ongoing support as you implement changes to your diet and lifestyle.

How will the programme help you?
  • This programme will provide you with the knowledge and principles of nutrition, including macronutrients, micronutrients, phytonutrients and how your body utilises these.

  • We will explore your current diet in detail, and I will qualitatively analyse it for risks of deficiency and areas of opportunity.

  • You will be given tailored meal plans and recipes to promote optimum health and longevity.

  • You will gain knowledge on how to implement optimum nutrition into your diet and lifestyle for the future.

What does the programme consist of?
  • An initial 90-minute consultation where we assess your health, nutrition, and lifestyle in depth

  • Recommendations, access, and interpretation of clinical tests if required*

  • A 60-minute education and guidance session part 1

  • A 60-minute education and guidance session part 2

  • A detailed customised protocol specific to your individual needs and goals which will include meal plans and recipes.

  • Personalised written guidance to support you at home

  • Resources to inspire, motivate and assist you emailed regularly

  • Access via email for extra support in between appointments

  • A 60-minute progress assessment

*Please note, private laboratory testing is not included in the package cost



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