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Nutritionally Inspired

Nutritionally Inspired was created by Chef Michael Sweetman and myself.  

The range of wholesome snacks and nourishing pots have been formulated to provide a burst of nutrients that target and stimulate specific areas of dietary health.  Whilst supplying bountiful amounts of health promoting wholefoods these treats contain no wheat, gluten, or refined carbohydrate.


Our philosophy is that healthy real food can not only be delicious but functional too and we hope you enjoy them and benefit from their nutritional power.
Lois & Michael

The Range

Protein Boosted Keto Brownie

A ketogenic diet consisting of low carbohydrate alternatives with moderate protein and fat is renowned for helping people to lose weight as it supports the liver to burn stored fat in a process called lipogenesis.  A ketogenic diet can also help lower your blood sugar, blood pressure, and improve your insulin function, all of which are critical in reducing inflammation and improving health.  Additionally, it increases energy, regulates appetite, and enhances cognitive performance!


Hormone Balancing Maca FlapJack

Glorious fats are the building blocks of hormones and this flapjack is packed full of them in its walnuts, almonds, and various seeds.  The Phytoestrogens, Omega 3, GLA, Zinc, and vitamin E in these specific seeds help to stabilise oestrogen levels and promote progesterone if needed.  Gut health is vitally important for ensuring your hormones are in check.  Cranberries help to feed some of our most beneficial microbes whilst oats aid in balancing blood sugars and providing fibre which helps to move things through our system whilst catching all those oestrogen metabolites on the way.  Maca is an amazing adaptogen herb that has the ability to adjust our hormones as needed, therefore a perfect ingredient for a hormone balancing snack!


Glow Mango & Almond Power Balls

These power balls are a feast for your skin!  Collagen helps to strengthen, elasticise, and hydrate the skin whilst bee pollen, with its high content of antioxidants, flavonoids and proline helps to strengthen and seal capillaries and boost collagen synthesis.  The mango and dates contain plentiful amounts of vitamin C and Vitamin A which supports this process and helps to reduce signs of aging.  Almonds have a high content of healthy fats and vitamin E that give your skin a natural radiance.


Our range is currently available at the Yoga Shed Studio in Hitchin, Herts.  If you would like more information on our products or purchasing options please contact us here


Gut Healing Pots

The health of the gut is vitally important not only for digesting and absorbing nutrients but because it is host to trillions of microbes that affect a huge number of systems in our body.  These pots contain an array of ingredients that both help to soothe and strengthen the bowel whilst feeding and boosting the helpful bugs that reside there.  Natural yogurt and kefir contain beneficial bacteria whilst the nuts, seeds, and berries contain bountiful amounts of anti-inflammatory nutrients, fibre, antioxidants, and phytonutrients to heal and maintain the health of your gut, body, and brain.


Immunity Boosting Carrot & Ginger Slice

When it comes to boosting our immune system and reducing inflammation, we need to consume a diet with an abundance of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals, and healthy fats.  The carrot and ginger slice provides antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium in its carrots, nuts and seeds which helps to support and promote immunity whilst the ginger benefits with anti-bacterial properties and contains the immune modulator gingerol.  Omega 3 fats are also vital for reducing inflammation and walnuts provide this in plentiful amounts as well as copper and vitamin B6 which are equally important for boosting the immune system and protecting us from harm.

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