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Fare Healthy!

So I have been intending to write a post to tell you how good the 'Fare Healthy' show was at the beginning of the month and I just haven't got round to it so here I am, doing it now, a little late....

It was amazing, a feast for the eyes and I was quite overwhelmed to be honest. It was held in the gorgeous, quirky, Old Truman Brewery in Brick Lane. They had various stages with a full programme of speakers or demos for Saturday and Sunday. These included the Fare Healthy 'Discusses' stage, the 'inspires' stage, and the 'moves' area. They were positioned amongst a huge array of healthy food and beauty traders offering samples of all their products.

The food was incredible and it was obviously really difficult to decide which stall to get lunch from. In the end I opted for a red lentil soup topped with roasted sweet potato, chilli, cashew cream, and coriander from Potage which was yum. As well as food stalls, they also had a pop up waterstones in there, stocked with all the speaker's books and more. They were holding book signing sessions all day. I think my favourite area was the 'Fare Healthy Discusses' stage where they had a host of nutrition and wellbeing experts giving talks on a variety of topics from 'Finding balance' from the macrobiotic counsellor Nicky Clinch (an inspiring session) to mindful eating from 'Boys of Yoga's Michael James Wong.

The inspires stage had some really good sessions including one with four leading women in the healthy food industry including Jasmine Hemsley discussing their businesses. The 'moves' area had various classes including Yoga with Annie Clarke (mind-body-bowl) as well as a hot yoga pod. On top of all this there was a cooking demo area and a 'Have a Go' area where u could do a range of activities including making your own natural face masks!

One of the things I'm definitely going to do now is make my own Kombucha after trying and chatting with Wild Fuzz Kombuca's Gina, who tells me that her business started when she began making Kombucha to manage her IBS. They have some tasty flavours and on the day you could create your own. I used ginger, rose and cinnamon and I'm yet to try it. It's still infusing. I've already ordered my Scoby online so I'll update you with a post of how it's all going when I get started!

Generally, it was a great day and I would definitely recommend anybody interested in health and nutrition to put it in their diary a for next year as I imagine it will be even bigger and better than this one.

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