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Favourite podcasts

Are you new to the world of podcasts or not sure where to start? Download the podcast app on your phone or tablet and give these a listen. There's something about taking a walk with your earphones in and listening to a really interesting and inspirational conversation, it's definitely good for the soul. Here are some of my favourite shows and episodes at the moment.

Rich Roll

I love this podcast, they are at times quite lengthy but he really gets into detail with his guests which is fab. I have lots of favourites but this one below is fantastic, explaining and discussing the science of the microbiota. I also absolutely love Zach Bush MD, his episodes on this podcast are mind blowing. Give them a listen and let me know what you think.

Feel Better Live More (Dr Chatterjee)

This is a brilliany podcast for all round health. The episodes are roughly an hour long and really get into some interesting ideas around all areas of wellbeing. Again, they are all good but my favourites are How to optimise brain health with Dr Rahul Jandial, What every parent should know with Philippa Perry, Michael Pollen: could psychadelics solve the mental health crisis?, Eating for longevity with prof Valter Longo, uncovering the real causes of depression with Johan Hari, The truth about plastic with Will McCallum, Why depression isnt all in the mind with Edwad Bullmore, Why we sleep with Matthew Walker

The Doctors Farmacy (Mark Hyman)

Functional medicine practioner Mark Hyman has so many interesting guests on this show, favourites are What science got wrong about weight gain, Is meat as bad as we think?, Why wasn't gluten an issue 50 years ago? Can you beat depression with food with Drew Ramsey.

The Doctors Kitchen (Dr Rupy Aujla)

Creating lasting habits with Heather Mckee was a great episode on here that made me think about the way I practice and gave me some ideas to use with my own clients. He cooks a little dish while they are talking which is different!

I have lots more but will save them for a later post. Please share any of your recommendations below

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