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Bullet Journals

So... I've finally started a bullet journal. This is always something I've seen whilst perusing the wonderful pinterest and thought would be nice to do but have I really got the time?

I have to tell you it's been well worth it. In my quest to be more mindful and present it has been a great way to document my thoughts and worries, as well as allowing me to explore the things that make me feel sane and the things that make me feel less so.

One thing that has really transformed my day is compiling a habit tracker of all the little things I want to achieve everyday from making my bed to getting to sleep at a decent time (not easy!). Seeing it there and marking it off is not only satisfying but allows these habits to naturally become part of my daily routine.

It's not something I can devote hours to but a little input (such as one line a day) or scan over once in the evening is enough to keep me motivated.

I would really recommend starting your own, it doesn't have to be full of pretty doodles and fancy fonts (although that is part of the fun) but as long as it helps you organise your mind and feel present its a positive addition.

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