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Want to lose weight? Change your goal!

Many of my clients come to see me with one ultimate goal and that is to lose weight. As we all know, weight management is a complex issue but I wanted to share some observations that I have had in clinic that might help you change your mindset and lose a little weight a long the way.

The clients I see have a wide range of issues from digestive issues, depression, hormone imbalance, and type 2 diabetes, to name a few. These clients are motivated by a goal to improve their symptoms. They may want to lose weight if asked, but their priority is to eliminate their issue so they can enjoy their life and feel better. When these clients implement a healthy eating and lifestyle plan that is specific to their issue they tend to lose weight. For them this is an added bonus alongside achieving their original goals.

I’m not saying weight loss isn’t a goal, but I am saying that sometimes that goal is not enough to keep people motivated to maintain the healthy habits (and some not so healthy in regards to ‘dieting’) they have worked so hard to install.

Those that tend to successfully lose weight and maintain it tend not to have weight loss as their main priority. They have adopted dietary habits and lifestyle changes that improve their overall health regardless of whether they lose weight or not and these habits tend to stick because they feel so much better for it.

I would therefore advise you to reassess your goals. Consider.....

Do I want to feel less bloated and windy?

Do I want to keep my blood sugars stable and avoid medications for my type 2 diabetes?

Do I want to sleep better?

Do I want to feel more optimistic, positive, less depressed?

Do I want to be able to concentrate and focus better?

Do I want to get rid of these daily headaches that I have almost gotten used to?

Do I want to get rid of these pains that I get after eating something I can’t identify?

Do I want to have more energy?

Do I want to be less snappy and irritable with my loved ones?

Do I want to be able to walk up the stairs without losing my breath?

Do I want these aches and pains to get better?

These are all goals towards better health. A healthy diet that targets many of these issues will also facilitate weight loss.

Try changing your mindset and writing down some goals that you could make your new priority. You might just find that by concentrating on your health and eating nourishing and enriching foods you’ll feel so much better and your weight will reduce without you even noticing!

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